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Macquarie has been conducting disabled driver training for over 30 years and has many contacts throughout the industry.

Disabled driver training can involve physical and mental disabilities. We have a modified vehicle to suit a variety of applications such as:

  • Hand controls - pull and push
  • Left foot accelerator
  • Steering wheel aids
  • Spinner knobs with electronic indicators

We also work with a number of Occupational Therapists for on-road and off-road assessments. Off-road assessments can be organized to be conducted at your home or in our classroom at our office.



Applicants with a physical or mental disability, as well as for novice or experienced drivers. Driver Training Occupational Therapist services can be arranged. Training can be conducted on hand controls, left foot acceleration, and steering wheel aids.

  • Before the applicant could start their in car training (Lessons) they must obtain the Learner's Licence. From any RMS branch.
  • Must live in NSW.
  • Complete RMS application form (Part of this must be signed by a person who has known the applicant for at least 12 months and holds a current unrestricted drivers licence.
  • Must have one primary and one secondary proof of identity. List of acceptable documents in Motor Traffic Handbook.
  • Must pass the eyesight test at the RMS.
  • Must pass a knowledge test. (45 questions and multiple choice answers. Samples of questions are available in Motor Traffic Handbook)
  • Pay the licence fee to RMS.
  • Applicant must carry his/her driver's licence whilst under instruction.
  • Can be conducted in the applicant own vehicle.

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