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What is a B Condition?

A heavy vehicle licence with a condition “B” restricts the licence holder to driving heavy vehicles fitted with automatic or synchromesh gearboxes only. The licence holder is prohibited from driving vehicles with Crash/Roadranger (double clutching) gearboxes.

How do I remove a CONDITION B?

The first step would be to simply learn how to drive a crash/roadranger gearbox vehicle. Training and assessment is provided in our class HR vehicle. The final assessment will be conducted in our HR vehicle even if you hold a class HC or MC. We provide hourly training and the number of hours required will differ for each applicant as each applicant has different experience levels, there are no minimum hours, you train until you are up to the assessment standard.

Once the required standard is met you will be required to do a driving test. The driving test will be conducted in accordance with RMS regulations and will be video recorded as a RMS requirement. The assessment is based on the HVCBA criteria.

The course subjects include:

Criteria 3 – Start, move off, shut down and secure

Criteria 4 – Manage Steering

Criteria 5 – Manages Gears

Criteria 6 – Manages Brakes

Criteria 7 – Manages Accelerator

Criteria 8 – Create & Maintain Crash Avoidance Space

Criteria 9 – Protect Crash Avoidance Space

Criteria 10 – Road Rules and Directions

If you need a B Condition Removal we at Macquarie Driving School can help you achieve your goal as we strive to produce good, safe and efficient drivers. To make a booking or enquiry Contact Us.

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