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Heavy Truck Training


Macquarie driving school has been training on Heavy Vehicle for over 50 years and are well recognised and respected in the Industry. We are one of very few organizations that actually uses industry standard vehicles.

Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) is the primary method for obtaining a Heavy vehicle licence in the Sydney.

At MACQUARIE we offer a variety of HVCBA training courses for many different heavy vehicle licence classes. The courses are flexible for professional drivers to select their own times and dates.

We can also train you to pass the RMS driving test if that is the path you require.

How does HVCBA work?

If you obtain your licence under HVCBA, you will have to pay the appropriate fee and you will be given two books from the RMS once you have passed the knowledge test:
1. A Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment.
2. A Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Learner’s Log Book.

The Guide outlines the requirements to pass the assessments as well as the tasks you need to perform to complete each competency.

The log book is the official record of your progress which we will fill out for you.

Under the HVCBA system you are assessed under a wide range of driving conditions by an RMS accredited assessor. When you have demonstrated that you can perform certain skills, these are progressively recorded in your log book. Once all criteria are successfully completed and reported to the RMS by the assessor you can go to any RMS motor registry to upgrade your licence.


All our Heavy Vehicle Driver Training has been designed with the following:<*h4>

– Competency based training available.
– Competency Based Training and Assessing: meaning no RMS driving test required.
– Road ranger gear box driven vehicles.
– Synchromesh gearbox on MR class trucks.
– Corporate rates available for multiple driver training.

All Heavy Vehicle Licence Class Training. Please call us 0410 151 151

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Macquarie Driving School is proudly serving people since 1960, providing driving training on all types of vehicles. We are qualified to deliver heavy vehicle driving training and licence upgrade.